David Parrott Outstanding journey to Success

Who is David Parott?


David Parrott is one of the richest self-made millionaires in Detroit, Michigan and his story has much to say about the American dream and what it takes to achieve it. David worked hard growing up and went to school to learn a trade that would help him succeed. He made some good friends when he was young, and they helped him along the way (Newswire).


David Parrott fromUniversity of Florida learned that you can’t believe everything you see in the movies regarding Success. He doesn’t think you need to be a millionaire to be happy, but he does think that you have to be true to yourself and work hard for what you want. David Parrott UF currently lives with his wife and children in Los Angeles, California. The higher education specialist enjoys the good life of a self-made millionaire, but he doesn’t take all the credit for his achievements. He says that his family makes him happy and that life is good for those who work hard and live right.

How did UF Help David Reputation?


He is a Registered School Psychologist in Canada and a member of several professional organizations, including the American School Counselors Association and the Society for Prevention Research. David Parrott from University of Florida volunteers with his wife as a foster parent to children from difficult backgrounds.


David Parrott was a student at the UF, where he studied agricultural and environmental sciences. His university work experience helped him complete his Bachelor of Science degree. The higher education specialist and university administrator quickly gained fame from his work at the UF. About halfway through his degree, David Parrott decided that he wanted to pursue a mental health career. He then transferred to the University of Toronto.

Here, the successful and outstanding higher education specialist David Parrott from University of Florida completed his Ph.D. in December 2007. His research focuses on school counseling and violence prevention. He has a particular focus on the use of evidence-based practices for violence prevention with students in schools.