DSI Cloud Inventory Control And What Comes With The Latest Version

DSI Global has long history of leadership in manufacturing and distribution inventory management solutions, creating a track record in helping its customers respond quickly to changing market needs and shifting the focus on growing profitably. The new Cloud Inventory solution includes an intuitive, scalable, cloud-based design that enables both the manufacturer and distributor to view inventory in the most powerful, innovative, user-friendly, and up-to-date way possible.

Cloud Inventory by DSI enables a highly efficient workflow that automates the ordering and collection of items and provides the supply chain manager with complete control. The latest version of Cloud Inventory is built for cloud-based configurations. The portable release is a highly scalable solution that can be seamlessly used in warehouse and production environments.

It helps manufacturers and distributors with its cloud-based inventory management platform that simplifies and standardizes the entire process of tracking, calculating, maintaining, and reporting on the whereabouts of parts. When compared to legacy technologies and manual methods, Cloud Inventory accelerates the entire process of tracking, calculating, maintaining, and reporting on the whereabouts of parts, helping companies get an early warning on parts needing restocking, increasing revenues, and protecting against future inventory shortages.

As a long-time partner of its customers, Data Systems International helps manufacturers and distributors maximize their revenue from every transaction while complying with government-mandated regulations and abiding to internal and external audits. Manufacturers and distributors seeking more precise inventory control and real-time visibility into the warehouse need real-time data from Cloud Inventory. It has created the needed dynamic solution.

Cloud Inventory is a solution that works in conjunction with, and rather than replace, traditional enterprise systems used by manufacturers and distributors. This is a significant advantage that allows businesses to harness the power of the IoT, in conjunction with traditional enterprise software, to get the inventory control, visibility, and insight they need to drive revenue and to achieve operational excellence. See this page for more information.


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