Eric Lefkofsky´s Milestone

In 2015, Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus, which opened a clear and different channel to improve health care systems. Tempus is unique in that it includes the application of artificial intelligence when sourcing for both molecular and clinical data. Health care professionals such as healthcare expert Eric Lefkofsky have gained confidence as they can easily research clinical cases that require extensive data. 


On the other hand, patients are guaranteed quality treatment as physicians are well equipped with information stored in the library under the Tempus establishment. As Eric Lefkofsky states, by collaborating with various companies, patient care continues to be the priority and a dream achievable through the intervention by Tempus. 


Tempus aims to advance the medical field, which it has done recently by calling in GlaxoSmithKline to join hands in developing the niraparib drug. Patients with terminal illnesses, particularly those involving the pancreas and breast, will receive tremendous help due to the drug’s efficacy. For Eric Lefkofsky, keeping patients’ interests at hand, Tempus makes it possible for individuals to receive better and more efficient treatment. 

Being the largest medical library, data is properly stored for future reference. Health professionals can weigh the best interventions suitable for patients per their presentation, thus giving them higher chances of recovery and survival. As Eric Lefkofsky explains, patient identification has been eased by Tempus as their medical histories are preserved well. Conclusively, Eric Lefkofsky surely created a milestone (Tempus) credited for promoting quality healthcare.