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With 24/7 accessibility, ease of entry, and low capital requirement, Forex trading appeals to any individual who has an electronic device to increase their income- as a full-time trader or part-time job. Given there is income to be earned in foreign exchange trading, it demands specialized skills and knowledge.

The good news is that IM Academy provides the best online training programs for forex trading enthusiasts. This article covers the four foreign exchange trading training programs IM Academy offers!

IM Academy Products

  • FRX Academy

This program by IM Academy, teaches new learners the basics of foreign exchange trading through interactive Live sessions and videos. This program contains seventy-six video modules that entail essential subjects such as;

  • What is foreign exchange?
  • The history of foreign exchange
  • What is traded in foreign exchange
  • Information about buying and selling
  • Bid versus ask
  • Understanding stop loss
  • Analysis of trends
  • An introduction to Harmonics
  • Risk management planning
  • HFX Academy

This program teaches students about high frequency exchange. The academy also covers the types and methods of analysis. It has a similar structure to FRX academy. It contains 95 pre-recorded video modules, and each video concludes with an assessment to evaluate your understanding.

  • DCX Academy

Here, students learn about digital currency exchange. They also learn about the basics of trading in this program. The program content entails types of digital currencies, introduction to digital currency, and trades that involve digital currencies. It also covers information about market volatility, blocks chin, and valuation. It has a similar structure to FRX and HCX. It has twenty-five pre-recorded video modules.See related link for more information.

  • ECX Academy

This program by IM Academy, concentrates on e-commerce and educates learners on how to create and manage online businesses. The program’s content covers an introduction, information about selling online, marketplace options, and essentials regarding setting up a business. It has a similar structure to other academies, and it has 250 pre-recorded videos.


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