Krishen Iyer and the World of Insurance

Krishen Iyer is one of the game players in the world of insurance. He commenced his career in the insurance market after completing his Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development. Krishen Iyer later ventured out to start his insurance firm MNP Insurance in 2009. By 2015, the company had grown significantly such that it made it to the Inc. 5000 list.


Krishen Iyer further founded Managed Benefits Services, where he served as the CEO. Managed Benefit Services was started as an insurance agency and a marketing firm for other insurance companies. Krishen Iyer explains that its primary focus was to provide other insurance firms with the right lead. The firm achieved this by using a high-quality analytic process. 


Therefore, regardless of whether the insurance company wanted to penetrate a certain niche, they were guaranteed the right leads as long as Managed Benefit Services took them on as their client offering top quality customer service and advertising for their clients. To expand his portfolio, Krishen Iyer launched MAIS Consulting. MAIS Consulting firm aims to provide services to various markets ranging from businesses in contracting, marketing, and strategic development fields. 

Krishen aims to provide top-notch services to his esteemed clients’ transparency and effective communication. Iyer aims to spend the better part of his day looking for solutions to the needs of his clients. Therefore, he prefers meeting up with his clients to customize solutions for them in the morning to clear up the rest of his day for the actionable plans. To offer his clients his best, Krishen Iyer ensures that he takes on a few clients that he can handle. Krishen Iyer supports local businesses and works with top insurance firms in California.