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Luke Lazarus was born and raised in Melbourne.

Notably, his family’s social status was average.

Young people often dream about making it in the social hierarchy.

Lazarus was no exception as he harbored big dreams.

He desired to establish a thriving business, and indeed he did.

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At the young age of eight, he launched his first business.

His determination in the industry began at a young age.

In school, Lazarus was one of the most brilliant students.

He is said to have achieved a perfect score of four throughout his school life.

After completing high school, he debated whether he should further his studies abroad.

However, he decided to attend a business school in his hometown.

His MBA was primarily focused on start-up financing, branding, and product development.

His studies only opened numerous opened doors for him.

Many employers wanted to have him in their teams because he was the best.

Most employers prefer hiring the most talented people.

Lazarus recognized that these opportunities were suitable.

However, from a young age, he had dreamt of going into business himself.

Suffice to say; he established that without a doubt venturing into the business was the best choice he ever made.

From the age of twenty-five, he became a distinguished businessman.

He was well known for building a successful business from the grass route.

When he was thirty-three, he sold four of his companies and made a fortune.

After this, his financial position immensely shifted.

That meant that he had generated a substantial amount of wealth.

Lazarus is a distinguished individual because he chose to retire as he had acquired enough.

However, he was not one to take a break and enjoy the luxuries he had built.

Lazarus wanted to give back to society by helping struggling entrepreneurs achieve success.

With this idea, a consultancy business was born.

Numerous enterprises have reaped from his business ideas throughout Australia.

He identifies new companies that have the potential to succeed.

With this predicament, he intervenes in the business’s daily operations.

Luke Lazarus will guide your business on the dos and don’ts.

Thanks to his brutally realistic input, many struggling enterprises have seen new dawn.

His approach has not gone without criticism as many perceive it to be biased.

His critics state the only businesses he takes under his wings are those he thinks will succeed.

He had to defend his course and at one point said he wanted to use his time in a worthy course.

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