The Journey of Citizen Boss, Andrew Frame, to The Innovation of An Incredible Application

With the gradual technological advancements, brilliant minds have emerged in creating unique programs to improve standards among human beings. The programs have led to work simplification and have made accessible services much readily available. Who imagined that one could have a one-on-one call with a person that is miles away? Also, in the comfort of your room, people can ask for services and get them delivered at convenient times.

Andrew Frame is an example of a brilliant mind that has adopted technology to create a security application. His professional journey began at a very young age, about fifteen years after developing an ISP company. His adverse skill and knowledge in software programming enabled him to work in several companies such as Ooma, a communication company.

Andrew Frame’s broad expertise in technology continued to open opportunities for him, and he spent his early professional journey working with network companies. Andrew Frame got lucky to work for companies like Cisco Systems and later secured a chance at an architecture industry GCOE. The young genius excellent performance in the companies surprised many and received CCIE credentials twice, ranking him the youngest person ever to receive the certificates while at Cisco.

With the vision of creating a long-term global solution to solve most of the world’s problems, the idea of developing Citizen App hit Andrew Frame. Initially, the software engineer wanted a project that would challenge him and a goal-oriented task. Andrew Frame was motivated to innovate a free program based on technology that could keep people safe worldwide, hence the Citizen App’s onset.

Now the CEO of the Citizen App, the innovation has continued to be enjoyed in many parts of the world and promises future advancements of the application to attain future goals of improving every person’s security worldwide. Refer to this page for additional information.


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