The North Face Launches “Reset Normal” Initiative

Outdoor brand The North Face recently launched a global initiative named “Reset Normal.” Spearheading this initiative is its Global VP of Marketing and Product Steve Lesnard. The initiative is about encouraging people to use exploration to reset their lives. The North Face donated $7 million for this initiative. Some experts involved in it include Screenwriter Lena Waithe and North Face Global athlete Jimmy Chin.

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Steve Lesnard said people of color are three times more likely to live far from natural places than those in white communities. When they do travel to explore, they often face racism and other problems. Lena Waithe said she’s always viewed exploration as a mindset. She believes everyone should be able to explore the world.

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As part of this initiative, The North Face created the Explore Fund Council. This is an organization that will bring together passionate experts from across the world. They will be people who are experts in academics, entertainment culture and the outdoors. The plan is to have them develop new ideas and solutions to help people explore the world.

Steve Lesnard said everyone at The North Face is excited about launching this initiative. This brand has been helping build equity in the outdoors for a decade. It is dedicated to connecting diverse communities and communicating with them the benefits of exploration. The North Face has donated millions in grants to nonprofits that are dedicated to building equity and protecting nature. “Reset Normal” will further this mission. Go Here for related Information.