U.S. Olympic Crews Partner with ClassDojo and NBC Olympics to Empower Children

It could help if you knew that children across the country are set to have a fantastic opportunity to learn more about achieving their goals despite the challenges they face. This will be fulfilled because many United States Paralympic and Olympic members have agreed to work hand in hand with ClassDojo and Classroom Champions in launching a new series.

Through this series, children will get the opportunity to learn more about critical life skills directly from the most famous American athletes. Some of the athletes like David Boudia got inspired by their children. According to David, he was inspired by his kid’s classroom status. He concluded that the better way is to raise them and expose them to mentors like the Olympian athletes.

According to Boudia, the Olympians have the desired character and empathy for matters concerning humanity. A certain level of endurance also characterizes them, not to forget that they are prone to competing with integrity. That is what children should be equipped with; the ability to emulate the Olympians.

David will tackle the role that deals with a focus on the ClassDojo movie, “Heart of a Champion,” something that he knows well from diving. In his explanation, David confirms that one of the most challenging things to do is keep your mind off something you want to accomplish. He states that, with focus, you get the drive you need to take you through achieving the set objectives. However, it becomes quite daunting for you to achieve the set goals if you get distracted by external factors.

Indeed, a partnership with ClassDojo was a brilliant idea. The movie also tackles diversity, and the one playing a role in this sector is Herzog. She believes that diversity is a strengthening factor in most families and your entire team or whatever place you are. ClassDojo’s: Facebook Page.