Vinod Gupta is an Experienced Entrepreneur

Vinod Gupta is a native of India. He comes from very humble beginnings. However, Gupta did not let his background get in the way of his success. He pursued an education in the field of engineering during his early years, which served as a huge stepping stone in his career. In addition to this, Vinod Gupta has a background in the field of business administration.

Vinod  Gupta has experience worth over 50 years. He has exemplified what it means to achieve the American dream and moved to America with just 58 $ to his name. Vinod Gupta owes his success to hard work, tenacity, and giving back to the community. He recalls his move to America vividly. He was awed by the several opportunities available to him in the United States, which was a stark contrast compared to his native country India. With his engineering background, he was able to set up a database company which he ended up selling to a large corporation. His first business idea came from a niche in the mobile selling business back in India. He used it as a sort of inspiration for the database business. Gupta believes in persistence, without which an entrepreneur will be unable to endure the market. He also thinks integrity to be a core value that most business people often ignore. His pastime includes reading. For the younger crowd, it may seem to be a dull way of passing the time, but for Gupta, it is a resourceful way of obtaining ideas. On top of this, he believes that if one is knowledgeable enough, one can easily overcome fear.

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