Yves Mirabaud’s Business Ventures

Yves Mirabaud is among the four managing partners of Mirabaud Société en Commandite par Actions. He went to the Graduate Institute of International Studies, where he got his degree. He has worked with several companies since 2012 and several banking institutions in Switzerland and USA.

Yves Mirabaud’s Insights on Geneva Private Bank Progress

Reasons for Declining Profits in 2020

Yves Mirabaud confirmed that the bank’s profit might have gone down a bit compared to the past two years, just as many people had observed. The onset of COVID-19 might have contributed to this. He also added that 2020 had been among the five years the bank had done quite well despite the fall in profit.

The Bank’s Reliability

The bank’s revenue fell in the period when the members were fully active by quite a noticeable percentage. According to Yves Mirabaud, it was due to the US dollar weakness, and as a result, the clients did not raise concerns because they fully understood the situation. The clients remained, and the company also recovered from the situation.


Yves Mirabaud acknowledges that some people regard their strategies as old-fashioned, but many people have faith in their operations. Some of the bank’s strategies have resulted in winning new clients looking for a secure banking system in Switzerland. During the pandemic, other banking institutions realized many direct savings from Geneva Bank. This was because the company staff’s lack of entertainment and travel due to COVID-19 restrictions resulted in cutting down on costs.


The bank has no plans of investments due to its current investment in expanding the business in the Middle East and Latin America. In case of any future investments done by the bank, it would be solely to improve its technology. The company has spent almost 30 years working on this technology. The bank has several important strong partners that are key in the business, for example, ESG. Geneva bank constantly advises ESG and plans to continue their partnership. See this page for additional information.


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